Bangla Font Problem??

On Mozilla Firefox

Welcome to my blog. If you are facing problem to read Bangla, 1st download the Bangla font. Click the below link.
After download:
Copy this font and go to here from your computer:
Start>>Run>Type Fonts>
And past font here.
How to fix Bangla font for Mozilla Firefox browser???
Click tools menu from top > Click option > Click on contents.
> Contents > Advanced
Click on the drop down list for option Fonts. Select Bengali from this list.
Complete all the option fields as in the following image (you may choose your any favorite bangla font) and then click on ok.
On Google Chorme:

a) Click on the option button>Settings.

Bangla problem in computer

b) Scroll to the last option of the settings page (Show Advanced Settings..) Click that link.

Bangla problem in PC

c) After clicking that link, further scroll down to get the view like the below screenshot. Click on Custom fonts button.

How to solve bangla font problem

d) A new window will appear. Configure that window like the below screenshot. You can use Siyam Rupali or AdorshoLipi also. But, SolaimanLipi looks better. Click the save button after configuring.

Help to see bangla in pc

On Opera Mini

How to configure Bangla for Opera Mini???
Type ‘about:config’ in the opera mini address bar to load the power-user setting of Opera Mini.
Scroll down and enable the option ‘use bitmap fonts for complex scripts’
Select: Yes
Click: save and exit.

For Bangla typing software: Click Here…


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